Wednesday, July 2, 2008

YUI Autogrid

Ajaxian's own Christian Heilmann has posted a solution for resizing YUI Tempate and Grid elements (yui-t and yui-g) to allow for a dynamic site look based on the browser, and viewport.

Full Article - YUI Autogrid: Correctly resize the grids

Since we do not have variables in CSS (as of this writing i believe it is the current specification) we cannot properly resize the page layout according to the size of the viewport, and browser.

This library will determine where the doc root is (doc, doc2, doc3 doc4 etc), determine the yui-t template, and pick the best doc type and template to display the page using the most page real estate.

This is probably very useful for all of you out there with picky clients who just can't decide which looks right. This is the best of all worlds.
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